Looking Forward to Mummy Auctions / by Lenni Sanders

After our Mummy Auction TV in November at Liverpool World Museum, we're looking forward to coming back again next month. It was great to set up our huge prop television set in the middle of a nice chunk of open space in this lovely, airy museum. We performed our interactive piece 5 times over the day and each time we had a pretty big group of families to perform to. 

Our performance next month at Liverpool World Museum will be the second using the new wooden frame we've made (to be our television screen) and we're really happy with it – it's massive! It's a very versatile piece of equipment as well, so we're going to have a good time thinking of imaginative staging ideas that allow us to take full advantage of it. 

It was a really interesting process adapting our piece Mummy Auction TV for this younger audience. We're really happy that Liverpool World Museum invited us to come and perform with them. We are also very thankful to Tom Byrne of the excellent Scallwags Theatre Company. Scallywags make lovely and imaginative work for children and families. Tom gave us some wonderfully helpful feedback on the original version of our script, and suggested some ways it might be adapted from a performance largely aimed at adults to a performance that focused on the under 7s. Thanks Tom! Such a huge help. 

It's been a blast revisiting Mummy Auction TV since it's a little while since the first performance of it – I loved re-reading all the old newspaper clippings from bewildered journos commenting on the 1890 mummy auction at the docks. I think my favourite news account of this strange event is the one where the writer talks about just mummified heads being sold at approximately half the price of the full mummified cat.