Truth or Tale!? / by Lenni Sanders

Our new upcoming performance at Manchester Museum as part of Science Uncovered on September 25th takes an unusual format – it’s a game show, and the audience member is the player. When you think of a game show what aesthetic do you imagine? We immediately thought of the 70s: glitz and glamor and cheeseball hosts. The Golden Shot. The Dating Game. Much lametta has been bought and many sequins will be worn. Our area in Manchester Museum will be temporarily transformed, whisked back in time, a warmly nostalgic grotto that we hope you will enjoy stumbling upon or seeking out at Science Uncovered.

It’s a bit like the classic Animal Vegetable Mineral in that it is based on actual artefacts, and involves some guessing, and puzzling out – except we aren’t looking for the player to guess anything correctly, and we aren’t going to be putting pressure on anyone. The aim of Truth or Tale is a collaborative flight of the imagination where we and the audience work together, or, in fact, the audience leads us. Truth or Tale should be delightfully silly. We also hope it will get people all fired up about the wealth of artefacts at Manchester Museum – and inspire curiosity about the history of these incredible objects, and the mysteriousness of the past.

Next Friday, come and wander around Science Uncovered. There’ll be free talks from scientists sharing their ground breaking research, debates, performances – it’s a free drop-in, 6-10pm. Come and play Truth or Tale with us!