Fringed / by Lenni Sanders

iOrganic are having a bit of a quieter August than everyone at the Edinburgh Fringe. The last time I went to the Fringe I was super busy and couldn't really relax and take in a big bunch of shows, but the next time I go (2018? 2019? ...2020? Now we're thinking kind of far ahead!) I think my biggest agenda will be to keep an eye out for small scale and interactive performance and watch as much of it as possible. Since me and Harry have been working together I've become more and more interested in this kind of performance.

Being part of Sensored at Contact last summer was a great opportunity to work alongside some artists who were making lovely things that a smaller number of people would experience at a time. It was really eye opening for me as my work before that had generally been not very interactive and generally intended for a fairly big group of people who are sitting down quietly and relatively far away to listen to (or even for people to listen to over the internet without me being present at all). I think small scale, interactive performances offer a way to be VERY present with the audience.

I think the nicest Edinburgh Fringe I can picture is me going into a series of small-ish rooms to experience the kind of performances where I feel excitedly uncertain about what my role is an audience member, where the boundary is between the performer and the audience. I'm very interested in the kind of performances that feel like everyone in the room, audience or performer, is there as a person who might do something surprising.