#unrealchethams Saturday Roundup - 5 / by Lenni Sanders

We’re less than a week away from The Unreal Tour! It’s been a week of producing our digital content for the performance. We really love working with pre-recorded audio and video elements but there’s a great deal of work that goes into producing something that we just press the play button on during the performance.

In this case, we have a series of videos to record and edit to play in the ‘holding space’ where each audience waits for the performance to begin and also apre-recorded audio piece which plays in the final set-piece of the performance. Both of these are opportunities to exhibit our poetry in a show that has a greater focus on play and exploration.

We are using skills that are definitely, it’s fair to say, in development. Lenni has got a real handle on editing audio to make it run smoothly and I’ve started to get to grips with video editing. It’s been really fun to explore these ways of making things. From our makeshift recording studio (a duvet thrown over our heads) we get the raw audio footage and Lenni takes it from there to make it work and it is sounding great! The video is a case of finding the best moments to cut to more interesting things than us just staring at a camera reading poems. I’ve mainly been enjoying adding clips of us giggling over poems. And there was a lot of giggling while we tried to mime/gesture to pre-recordedaudio. It didn’t do the camera battery much good which added a fun level of jeopardy.

Come along to The Unreal Tour to find out if that battery ran out, after all!