Vacancy - Daffy Duck Became an Accountant / by Lenni Sanders

Lenni and I enjoy coming up with new ideas. Some of them are currently impossible for us (building an entire steam-boat dedicated to poetry and story-telling that we can sail down rivers and seas) and some of them are much more achievable, like new shows and stories to explore. We’ve written here before about how we come up with these ideas, so now I’m going to talk about a specific idea. Vacancy.

Vacancy is a performance that we will be making that explores the banality of job applications. Sounds fun, right? But we want to mush this together with infantilisation. The blurred lines between adult and child audiences of Adventure Time (which I love) and innocent smoothie bottles that chat to you. The audience will be applying for the role of child.

We want it to look and feel like the Daffy Duck became an accountant and that TJ Detwieler slowly realised the futility of his escapades and ended up in a back room doing data entry. We’ll combine elements of job interviews with team building exercises and presentations. We’ve not completely worked out the exact details of this but we’re looking forward to developing it over the next few months. Then we’ll build the steam-boat.