Under The Green / by Lenni Sanders

Spring is coming! Days are (gradually gradually) getting longer – blossom is blossoming out of the trees – and we're working on something for the Great Outdoors. We've been working with the Est.1761, Salford City Council’s Bridgewater Canal project, to produce a performance for their family day Under The Green on Sunday 19th March, on Worsley Green. We're also working with them making a workshop for Year 5s about the area's rich history,which we will repeat several times in the week leading up to Under The Green. Next month we will get to share these which we're looking forward to a lot! Worsley is a very pretty part of Salford, and you would never guess from looking at it that Worsley Green used to be a bustling work yard at the height of the Industrial Revolution.

We've been really enjoying thinking about ways to capture the Year 5's imaginations and get them thinking about what Worsley Green would have been like. We'll be thinking a lot about the sounds of the work yard – our workshop will be focussed on creating noise poems that evoke the scene of Worsley Green at different times in its varied past: the mechanical noise of the factories, the clatter of the railway (a trace of which cuts through the green to this day), the trickling of the little brook that used to run through it. The last workshop we ran was totally different to this – it focussed on exploring ways to write interactive performance with already fairly experienced writers aged 16 and up – so this will be a very refreshing change!

Recently we went to visit local historian John Aldred who shared his wonderful knowledge of Worsley with us. He kept us spellbound with some incredible stories about the area's history which we were absolutely enchanted by, and which we know must inform either our performance, our workshop, or both. (I especially loved hearing about the 40 mile stretch of underground canal – I am really interested in hidden, buried, and disappeared places. When we were on our residency last year at Chethams Library I was very excited to hear about the culverted River Irk for similar reasons!) 

Thanks very much to Est.1761, Salford City Council’s Bridgewater Canal project, for getting us involved in this great project!