The Business of Naming / by Lenni Sanders

Harry mentioned in our last blog post that, as you might’ve noticed, we’ve changed our name! We’ve been iOrganic since 2015 and now we’ve become Curious Things – we think our new name is a more helpful indication of what kind of work we do and what kind of guys we are. We called ourselves iOrganic when we were first collaborating on our piece Empty Kitchen for Contact’s Sensored Festival, and we chose our name before we’d written the show, and while we were thinking a lot about food and technology. (I very often am thinking about food but I haven’t written anything really about food since Empty Kitchen.) 

Our name change was managed over Facebook chat: we like to throw lots of ideas around before we settle on one, so there were some pretty silly suggestions! Let me tell you some of the thankfully vetoed names we suggested: ‘What If’, ‘Trapdoor’ (‘because the participant is falling through a trapdoor into an immersive performance haha idk’ as I eloquently justified it), ‘Imagine it’. Somewhere in an alternate universe somebody is asking me what kind of performance stuff I get up to and I am explaining that I work under the name ‘Trapdoor’ because seeing something we’ve made is like falling through a trapdoor – scary! Unpleasant! Probably against health and safety! It is not a good analogy at all. 

Curious Things works because it captures a sense of inquisitiveness, and is very fitting for the research based work we make for heritage contexts, so we’re pleased that we went with it as a name. 

Lastly, here’s a little round up of some cool opportunities you might be interested in! Meraki Collective are great, they performed a very funny and playful dance investigating etiquette at Turn Festival at Contact on Friday, and they are currently looking for artists to apply to take part in their next Meraki Sessions event: There is also currently a call out from The Lowry for artists and companies to submit proposals to create a new production about coming of age which will premiere at Week 53 Festival next year: These are the two tabs open on my phone that I keep returning to most. Exciting!