Do It With Us Studios, 2016
                   Atticus Books for Lancaster Music Festival


Part interview, part performance DIWU Records (it stands for Do It With Us) was a one-off piece we made for Lancaster Music Festival. 

We invited visitors to Atticus Books to join us for conversations about music. We asked everyone we spoke to about their earliest memories of music, about what they would name their dream band, and about songs that mean something to them. After about 15 minutes, we offered to sing with them. Over the course of the day we recorded a cappella versions of songs that came up in the conversations: songs that people remembered from childhood, people's most hated songs, songs that people like to sing to themselves. 

Neither of us are musicians. On an equal footing with the participants, we tried to fumble together these cover versions, using our voices to represent all the instruments, clapping for percussion. DIWU Records was an exercise in trust and how you can learn about someone through the songs most relevant to their lives. When you ask someone about music, you're asking them about their family, the places they've lived in and decades they've lived through, their experience of pop culture, and much more. 

DIWU Records was a way to be vulnerable with strangers: on both sides of it, as a performer and as a participant.