Empty Kitchen, 2015                                                          
Sensored Festival, Contact Theatre
Chorlton Arts Festival

Empty Kitchen is a ‘meal’ like none you’ve had before. Fill up on an interactive show dripping with spoken word - well-seasoned with our secret blend of audio and visuals - and feel your way through a full three course dinner.

Debuting at Sensored Festival, at Contact Theatre, in 2015, Empty Kitchen explores the multi-sensory experience of eating and how memory informs the dining experience. Empty Menu begins with an apology... we've run out of food. What follows is a menu of meals, each evoked using video, spoken word and touch.

Empty Kitchen caters for six participants at a time, making this a truly intimate experience. This performance playfully questions what really goes into our food, both in terms of ingredients and emotional associations. We promise, you will not have dined like this before. 

This performance includes live spoken word, pre-recorded audio, video and tactile props.

a daft, gorgeous idea
— James Varney, Exeunt
a three-course meal of delicious words and food you can feel but not taste – the first time I’ve had a jalfrezi made of screws and marbles!
— Kate Morris, Now Then Manchester
The best meal I never ate!
— Audience Member
I was smothered in the menu and dripped in your words! Wonderful!
— Audience Member