Volunteer Workshops, 2017                                            
Est.1761, Salford City Council’s
Bridgewater Canal Project


These workshops were made by Curious Things, in collaboration with Mitchell Robinson, for Est. 1761, Salford Council’s Bridgewater Canal Trust. We devised the workshops for the volunteers of the trust who wanted to gain a greater understanding of producing heritage engagement activities and also train in writing text for heritage projects. We split these two topics into two workshops.

The first workshop was run with Mitchell Robinson of Art Den, an excellent creative engagement organisation. We introduced the group to the work that Art Den and Curious Things have produced before and then went on to practical activities focussing on making activities. Throughout the workshop out volunteers would roll dice to decide a new aim for the activity or a new constraint: for example, you now only have one facilitator or the activity will have a large audience. By the end of the workshop each group presented their activities. We were very impressed by the creativity and problem-solving this group showed.

The second workshop was run by Lenni and focussed on text writing. From blogs to interpretation and social media, Lenni introduced ideas around text length, content and how to make an impact through language. Again with hands one elements, this workshop was a success and our participants came up with brilliant written content.

We enjoyed producing and delivering these workshops to such an engaged group and we were excited to see what a positive and practical impact these workshops have already had on these volunteers.