Muddy Fingers Fête, 2017                                                
                                      Est.1761, Salford City Council's         Bridgewater Canal Project

One spring Sunday, Curious Things brought Muddy Fingers Fête to Worsley Green. A combination of performance, play and exhibition, we produced a cross between a village fête and an archeological dig that told the stories of Worsley Green throughout the ages.

Visitors could explore our exhibition of 100% real and definitely authentic (honest!) objects dug up on Worsley Green including the declaration of the opening of the Bridgwater Canal, some Victorian miner's boots and a sample of orange canal water from the Queen's visit. After exploring this exhibition they could play some of our fairground games, including Basket Weaver's Quoits and Guess How Many Nails Are in the Jar, before taking part in our immersive story-telling spinning wheel.

The spinning wheel had a different job that would have been done at Worsley Green written on it's face and each visitor would spin the wheel, revealing which job they would have had, had they lived on historical Worsley Green. These jobs included miner, Duke of Bridgewater, basket weaver and farmer and each role had a poem that would be read to they visitor. After hearing the poem they would take part in the Lucky Dip which would decide which house on Worsley Green they would have lived in, from Arts and Crafts house to Mock-Tudor Mansion, which again came with a poem. These two pieces together would make their story of Worsley Green.

This was a fun, friendly way to introduce ideas of change and industry on Worsley Green. We had a great day speaking to all the visitors and sharing ideas whilst also getting to play games all day!

The Muddy Fingers Fête was a wonderfully rounded experience for families keen to find out more about Worsley’s heritage. Each of the elements of the Fête worked very well together and there was a good balance of playfulness, participation and performance. We were really pleased with how the work was developed and delivered - it was a great experience for everyone (us included!).
— Kate Charnock, Bridgewater Canal Trust