Mummy Auction TV, 2016 & 2017
                                                           Manchester Museum
                                                  Liverpool World Museum

 We were inspired by the stories of the Albert Docks auction of cat mummies in Liverpool in the 1890s to create our very own, modern Mummy Auction TV performance. Drawing on the use of animal mummies as fertiliser, we presented cat mummy for shockingly true alternative purposes other than display in a museum, such as medicine, paint, wrapping paper and firewood!

After setting the scene with some spoken word, we pitched each one of these uses to the audience in a manic, funny and truthful (mostly!) way. They were then invited to write on their Bank of iOrganic cheques how much they would be willing to spend on this use for the animal mummy.

Each ‘purchase’ came with a free sample of ‘Cat Mummy Fertiliser’ in a small envelope baring a genuine newspaper clipping from 1890 reporting this bizarre event.

Accompanying the live performance was a soundscape recalling victorian docks, a bespoke bid-tv soundtrack and video.

Mummy Auction was THE BEST!
— Audience Feedback
[Mummy Auction TV] brilliant tonight at the @McrMuseum after hours event!
— Anthony, Audience Member