The Unreal Tour, 2016
                                                                Chetham's Library

The Unreal Tour was the result of a six week residency at Chetham's Library, exploring the collections and engaging with visitors to create a unique performance and experience of this storyful building. As 'The Unreal Tour Company' we took audiences on an intimate, interactive tour of the library by torch light.

Blending spoken word, creative non-fiction, storytelling, and interactive games, this playful, immersive performance investigated the slippery history of Chetham's Library and its old, long-lost cabinet of curiosities. Taking audiences on a fully participatory journey through hidden rooms, stacks upon stacks of books, and winding corridors, 'The Unreal Tour' posed light-heartedly question the faith we put in experts' opinions and 'official' history when we think about the past

As part of the residency, we invited visitors to share stories with us via our on-site 'Everything Must Have a Name' installation and also hosted a creative-writing and making workshop in which we invited attendees to respond to the building and objects within it.

This performance used live spoken word, pre-recorded audio pieces, interactive games and video content to make a truly engaging and unique experience.

...these are fascinating, well written stories that make you think, and make you smile.
— Quiet Man Dave, Blogger
It was a fantastic mix of funny, thought-provoking and moving
— Audience Member
A unique performance which made fantastic and original use of a beautify building brimming with stories.
— Audience Member