Truth or Tale!?, 2015
                                                           Manchester Museum

Truth of Tale!? is a playful, irreverent piece in which we invite audience members to pose as professors and perform alongside us on 'the UKs only collections based gameshow', Truth or Tale!?

Using Manchester Museums 'Culture Shots' handling collection, we would encourage our 'professor' to share all of their expertise as they created a story for an item that they had really never seen before, which is selected by spinning a game-show spinner. We would improvise together as they created the content for the story and we would tease out more and more until we had a plausible (if sometimes ridiculous) history of an object.

As they share their story we live type their words into an 'official' document which is printed out at the end of their improvisation. Then comes 'everyone's favourite part of this popular game show', when the 'Professor' decides between two gold envelopes; Truth or Tale!? Truth being an original piece of writing, written by us, inspired by what the museum believes the object is; Tale being the new story that we've created together. Once they've chose, our 'Professor' can never see what's in the other envelope.

We end by waving tirelessly into a non-existent TV camera to the 'folks back home'.

This performance uses live improvisation, live-typing, pre-recorded audio and video.